When The Tribe Speaks, Markets Listen

by Dan Robles on 08/02/2011

For the next phase of our remarkable growth, social flights is busy signing up the best operators in the private aviation industry to serve the needs of our geographically diverse membership.

The chart shows some of the locations of operators that we have recently signed up.  We are strategically covering the US with a well distributed network of operators from the most popular areas of the country.  If you don’t see your geographic area right now, please be patient as we are working quickly and diligently to cover all markets.

In order to build efficient flight plans, we need to match an existing inventory of airplanes with an inventory of travelers.  The build-out of our Travel Tribes has been incredible with many supportive members championing their location.  So this is a critical piece of the puzzle.

When a top charter operator sees the quantity and quality of our membership, they are very willing to provide us with their inventory list and aircraft locations for us to offer to our members.  This is not trivial because it allows us the ability to automate the matching process.  Also, most charter jet serve A-list of trusted clients, VIPs, and Corporations.  So, it is quite impressive that we have been able to breach this ceiling together in such a short time.

The Power of the tribe allows us to scale and access markets – this is serious business.  After this, we’ll start overlaying vendors who’ll offer discounts on goods and services to sponsor the collective travel intentions of the Tribe.

Again, thank you all for your patience as we build this incredible new business method for driving quality markets, increasing scalability while maintaining high levels of service , and collaborative enterprise in the sharing of complex assets.

The Power of the Tribe moves the sky.

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Brian Driggs August 2, 2011 at 12:59 pm

Who’s the operator in Phoenix? They should be more active in the Arizona Tribe, and not just stepping in to talk to potential customers, but also to drive those travel conversations, methinks. They could be sharing when/where they’ve got empty seats and filling them.

Just had to book commercial because there was no “tribal demand” for my trip in three weeks. I had been thinking about going Social Flights for about eight months, but it was just a bit too soon this time around. Next year, I’m going to Oregon, Colorado, Toronto, Frankfurt, and possibly Santiago, Chile. I’d really like to see this tribe grow and a local operator to nurture that growth.

Anything I can do to help at this end, let me know.

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