In The Beginning Was The Word…..

by Jay Deragon on 09/12/2011

In the beginning God spoke the word and it was good for the soul. Then man spoke the word and used it for his own agenda. The words flourished and soon different groups spoke their own words which caused division amongst man.  Then the words were saved to print so generations could learn from the trials and tribulations of the tribes of the past.

Then man, in all his new wisdom, created technology to propagate words.  The landscape, meaning, purpose and intent of man’s words covered everything, anything, everyone and anyone.  Soon the technology connected all the words and all the people who created the words.  The words became the new media and the old media found itself competing with the words of many while they still felt their words produced the wisdom of the few.  Then the technology exploded and everyone was being asked to become a member of someone else’s network.

Old media covered the evolving story of words. Business Week reported: There was Friendster, which captivated the early Web’ites before it was smitten by slow servers and exiled to the Far East. And then a man called Hoffman begatLinkedIn (LNKD), saying, “This name shall comfort professionals who want to post their résumés online,” and Wall Street did idolize it. And then Myspace (NWS) lived for two thousand and five hundred days and worshiped flashy ads and was subsumed by News Corp., which the LORD hath cursed. And Facebook emerged from the land of Harvard and forsook the flashy ads for smaller ones and welcomed vast multitudes of the peoples of the world. And it was good.

Then appeared (GOOG) as a  new god in the genesis of online social words, Google+.  GOOG was previously the god of search and man found it useful to find meaning behind words.  All of a sudden GOOG begins to surround man with tools and technology built around every vertical of interest and commerce. GooG and all the others enable man to have enormous reach, influence and Klout.

Deceived by the words of others, man begins to think they are God and their words are worshiped by the many. Now man is trying to figure out the real value of all these words. Some use words to destroy while others use words to build. Many believe there is money in the words and chase schemes to turn their words into money.  Soon many learn that the value of words is more than money and a shift in purpose begins to enlighten all the tribes chasing all the wrong things.

At the beginning and end of every word there is man.  Man was given the word to gain knowledge and wisdom. The insights of knowledge and wisdom are contained in a few words. Now man begins to listen to a few rather than the many. From the listening man begins to learn new knowledge and wisdom. The new knowledge and wisdom is then used to create new value that gives the human network more time, more productivity and independence from institutions who have tried to control the word since the beginning of time.

And then the word changed the world…….

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