33 Social War Strategies

by Jay Deragon on 09/19/2011

Business strategy is a set of ideas implemented by  organizations to pursue desired strategic goals.  Strategy deals with the planning and conduct of campaigns, the movement and disposition of forces, and the deception of the enemy.

The ideal is to win as the market maker, leader or dominant force over all competition.  If you haven’t noticed there is a strategic war going on over all things social. They who have the best strategy will win and the prize is worth trillions.

Whose Strategy Will Win?

 Seth Sternberg, the CEO and co-founder of Meebo writes: The social service that drives the most traffic and revenue will get the most distribution. That service will then generate the most traffic, user data and revenue. The social wars are likely to move to the distributed web and publisher payments will become a key currency.

Just as Google combined its superior economic model with a simple, fast and better set of results to fight its way into search and gain share through publishers, it’s extraordinarily likely that we’ll see the same battle break out in distributed social. And once again, publishers will be the big winners as Facebook, Twitter and Google all vie to win the war.

It’s too early to call the winner here. Facebook has strong network effects and a healthy lead in distributed social in 2011.  

And now Google seems to be throwing everything from their past, present and anticipated future at dominating “social” by applying the same strategies they used in search.

33 Strategies That Will Be Used

Whether Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin or a host of others chasing all things social each will deploy one or more strategies to try and take their position in the space. The difference between the winners and loosers will be in the understanding and execution of strategies, not technologies.

Match the strategies below with the players then pick and follow your winners.

  1. Declare War on Your Enemies: The Polarity Strategy
  2. Do Not Fight the Last War: The Guerrilla-War-of-the-Mind Strategy
  3. Amidst the Turmoil of Events, Do Not Lose Your Presence of Mind: The Counterbalance Strategy
  4.  Create a Sense of Urgency and Desperation: The Death-Ground Strategy
  5. Avoid The Snare of Groupthink: The Command and Control Strategy
  6. Segment Your Forces: The Controlled Chaos Strategy
  7.  Transform Your War into a Crusade: Morale Strategies
  8. Pick Your Battles: The Perfect Economy Strategy
  9. Turn the Tables: The Counterattack Strategy
  10.  Create a Threatening Presence: Deterrence Strategies
  11. Trade Space for Time: The Non-enagement Strategy
  12. Lose The Battles But Win The War: Grand Strategy
  13.  Know Your Enemy: The Intelligence Strategy
  14.  Overwhelm Resistance With Speed and Suddenness: The Blitzkrieg Strategy
  15. Control the Dynamic: Forcing Strategies
  16.  Hit Them Where it Hurts: The Center of Gravity Strategy
  17. Defeat Them in Detail: The Divide and Conquer Strategy
  18.  Expose and Attack Your Enemy’s Soft Flank: The Turning Strategy
  19.  Envelop The Enemy: The Annihilation Strategy
  20. Maneuver Them Into Weakness: The Ripening For the Sickle Strategy
  21. Negotiate While Advancing: The Diplomatic-War Strategy
  22. Know How To End Things: The Exit Strategy
  23. Weave a Seamless Blend of Fact and Fiction: Misperception Strategies
  24. Take The Line of Least Expectation: The Ordinary-Extraordinary Strategy
  25. Occupy the Moral High Ground: The Righteous Strategy
  26. Deny Them Targets: The Strategy of the Void
  27. Seem to Work for the Interests of Others While Furthering Your Own: The Alliance Strategy
  28. Give Your Rivals Enough Rope To Hang Themselves: The One-Upmanship Strategy
  29.  Take Small Bites: The Fait Accompli Strategy
  30. Penetrate Their Minds: Communication Strategies
  31. Destroy From Within: The Inner Front Strategy
  32. Dominate While Seeming to Submit: The Passive-Aggressive Strategy
  33. Sow Uncertainty and Panic Through Acts of Terror: The Chain Reaction Strategy
Who Wins?

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