5 Evidences of Following Everybody Nowhere

by Jay Deragon on 10/19/2011

No one likes being left behind.  In business being behind means a chase to the bottom. Competition is swift, smart and constantly striving to stay ahead of their game and yours.

Staying ahead means constantly changing with market dynamics, customer expectations and technological shifts.  It is simple. If you are not ahead you are behind and today’s market waits for no one to catch up.

What Keeps You Behind?

There is only really one thing that keeps people and organizations behind. It isn’t money, technology, competition or government regulations. It isn’t market share, market cap or marketing. It isn’t your spouse, your in-laws or your children. It is simply your thinking!

Thinking Ahead Rather Than Behind

In a world that appears to be chasing all things social the act of “chasing it” means you are behind. People and organizations have become obsessed with keeping up with the latest and greatest “social tool, social guru and social presence”.  Following the latest trend everyone is copying everyone else and then everybody ends up doing the same old thing everyone else has done or is doing.

Following implies someone is leading or ahead. A race car driver follows the leader around and around the same track never really going anywhere fast. One could conclude that most of the activity within the social media space is a race to follow everybody nowhere fast.

5 Evidences of Following Everybody Nowhere

  1. Most Fortune 500 Companies Can’t Justify the Return on Investments in Social Media Activities
  2. Most users are spending more time in social media than watching TV, spending time with family or exercising. Yet most if not all can explain the real value they gain from investing all this time.
  3. The majority of the social media economy is justified by dollars spent by marketers. The justifications for these budgets are the same old models, methods and hype used to convince the CEO they must or they will be irrelevant to the market.  Because everyone is then everyone follows.
  4. Social Networks convince marketers to spend millions on their network.  The click-through rates are similar to traditional media response rates. So organizations have to increase their marketing budgets to accommodate these “network” opportunities for fear of being left behind.
  5. While organizations chase all things social their customer service levels remain abysmal. In other words they put on a social mask while “trying to trick you into their treat”.
Thinking ahead sometimes means you have to go back to basics. The basics of thinking ahead is to stop perpetuating  mediocrity and step ahead of the crowd.

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Virtual Office October 19, 2011 at 7:50 am

No one likes being left behind. So it is important to understand that business and technology have fused into one system, one conversation and one strategy, for one world.

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