Can You Create A Better Airline?

by Jay Deragon on 10/26/2011

Airlines are taking a beating from on-line conversations.

In yesterday’s article titled “Four Strategic Social Experiences” we illustrated, using a word cloud, what a consumer might find if they were searching for shared experiences about a particular airline. Not good.

A new report from PhoCusWright finds that “Flyers are essentially giving airlines a grade of C+, which is barely above satisfactory,” said Carroll Rheem, director of research for PhoCusWright. “But even more concerning for airlines is that their most valuable customers — business travelers and those with higher annual household incomes — are even less happy than the average.” Airlines are stuck in a spiral to the bottom.  They all compete on price and subsequently as margins get squeezed so does service.

In a time of mergers, fluctuating fuel prices and economic turbulence, airlines are pulling out of many small citiesbecause they say it no longer makes financial sense. And the federal program that has subsidized air service to many of the smaller cities is in jeopardy as Congress must cut $1.5 trillion from the nation’s debt in the next decade. Add to this the problem larger airport congestion, homeland security pat downs, delays from the hub and spoke system and smaller seats then you can easily predict that customer satisfaction will get worse.

Can Social Technology Create A Better Airline?

Social technology enables people to connect, converse and find relevant information of interest.  The market of on-line travel applications is exploding. These application help people find people and travel information of interest. But few if any actually help improve the travelers experience with the airline system.

What would it take for social technology to actually create a new and improved airline that would exceed travelers expectations and serve local communities?  It would only take a few…..

How realistic is it for consumers to actually collaborate and create their own airline? Actually it is more realistic than every before. Starting your own airline has never been easier.

There are thousands of under-utilized private aircraft parked in community airports all over North America. These aircraft range in capacity from eight seats, nineteen seats, thirty, fifty and even over a hundred seats. These aircraft are operated by professional aviation companies staffed with professionals who are use to serving customers with high expectations.  Now what do you do to create your airline?

You, the traveler, live in communities, online and off, where there are other travelers. If you knew where you and your “connections” intended to travel every week, month, quarter or yearly then a scheduled round trip public charter service could be arranged at a per seat price comparable to commercial airfares. You would save lots of time, flight direct to your destination, avoid the commercial airport hassles and delays while truly “connecting” with other like minded travelers seeking “a better way to fly“.  Call it social networking in the sky.

You don’t have to buy a plane to form your airline all you have to do is find travelers in common and use Social Flights. We’ll do the rest while you can rest and experience flying like it used to be, social.

So yes, you can create a better airline.  To do so contact [email protected]

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