Four Strategic Social Experiences

by Jay Deragon on 10/25/2011

The word sentiment means an attitude towards something, an opinion or feeling usually expressed in words, images, body language and other instruments of expression.

Social technology is flooding the “clouds” with buyer and supplier sentiments toward brands, organizations and individuals. These sentiments reflect experiences, good and bad, that are deposited into the virtual library forever.  In the virtual library are books of experience with and about anything and anyone that can be accessed by everyone.

In a Forbes article titled “The End of Business As Usual” Brian Solis states: I did some research with PeopleBrowsr for example, of what a consumer might find if they were searching for shared experiences about a particular airline. As you can imagine, consumers who are presented with tis information are only not likely to consider this airline as an option. Perhaps most alarming is that the airline is unaware of the concentrated brand sentiment across the thousands upon thousands of people that have expressed dissatisfaction. No amount of marketing, advertising or social media strategies will change this. Rethinking the business and service approach and redesigning the customer experience is where it all begins. 

Rethinking Business

Imagine a book being written in real-time about the experience employees, customers and suppliers have with your business, your products and your service.  Imagine the same about you individually and the experience people and organization have with you.  Imagine no more because search technology and cloud computing are creating your book for everyone to read, now and forever into the future. Experience has never been so important and has become the number one strategic issue for all businesses.

If experiences are the number one strategically important issue what would you do differently? The first thing you would do differently everyday is to get everyone focused on improving anything that strategically effects people’s experience with you, your organization and your brand.  What four things strategically effects people’s experience?

An article in HBR titled Social Strategies That Work by Miko?aj Jan Piskorski states:  A successful social strategy would focus on work that reduces costs or increases customers’ willingness to pay by helping people establish or strengthen relationships if they do free work on the company’s behalf.

So what experiences would be reflected in the “cloud” if you and your company focused on 1) strengthening relationships, 2) building new relationships, 3) reducing cost and 4) increasing people’s willingness to pay?  Most likely the sentiment in the cloud would be positive, attractive and worthy of people’s time and attention.

Not focusing on the four social strategies means your sentiment cloud is likely to convey negative attributes that do not attract healthy relations worthy of people’s continued time and attention.

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