Does Your Brand Attract Wealth?

by Jay Deragon on 12/07/2011

Today’s wealth currency is the influence of your personal brand and what you create with it.  Influence is the currency of the 21st Century and the more you have the more wealth you attract.

If you want to associate with the wealthy you have to learn how to be an influencer. Influence creates money and the opportunity to earn more of it. People who have influence are sought out by brands, organizations, politicians and individuals. The reasons are simply because those who have influence create money.

Consider that 250 out of the 535 members of congress have more than a million dollars in assets.  That is 47% of congress who are millionaires vs. 1% of the US population who are millionaires.  The reason is simple. Politicians have influence and they use it to gain money.

Rock stars, movie stars, high profile CEO’s, authors and politicians are recognized personal brands that have influence and they leverage their influence to make more money.

People with money and influence gain their wealth in three ways:

  1. They inherited it
  2. They earned it
  3. They used influence to get it

To Gain Wealth You Must Learn How to Create Influence

You won’t learn about how to get influence by studying influence theory. The best way to learn how to create influence is to study those that are creating it today and doing so with their own media.

These are people with active participation on the social web and they are creating a new kind of influence. This new kind of influence is critical to understand and harness if you want to create real wealth in the 21st Century.  Wealth is being redefined by influence and how society is influenced has changed thanks to the internet and the power of networks.

Kevin Kelly writes: The dynamic of our society, and particularly our new economy, will increasingly obey the logic of networks. Understanding how networks work will be the key to understanding how the economy works.

Communication – which in the end is what the digital technology and media are all about – is not just a sector of the economy. Communication IS the economy.

Empowered by the intersection of technology with the human network people are learning how to create new wealth by influencing what people buy, how they aggregate ideas, communicate and most of all innovate.  The next generation of wealth is coming not from inheritance but rather from earned influence created by communications.

Wealth Is Created By Who You Influence Not Where You Came From

Two of the richest, most influential business tycoons in the world, Bill Gates & Warren Buffett, came from very middle class families.  Steve Jobs started Apple in his garage with used equipment. Mark Zuckerberg created the largest social network in the world from his apartment. Both Jobs and Zuckerberg created billions in wealth by enabling people to communicate and collaborate. In other words all the wealth these people created came from their influence and the influence they enabled the masses to gain.

Today’s currency of wealth is the influence of your personal brand and what you create with it. So how do you attract wealth? You do so by creating a personal brand of influence.

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