It’s About Your Ideas Not Your Ego

by Jay Deragon on 01/05/2012

Creating good content and a strong following is hard work.  Many have learned this lesson and many more are still learning.  Just ask any major media outlet. The race for content that attracts an audience is very competitive and changes rapidly. The most compelling content is that which creates ideas for others to create opportunities.

Idea That Encourage Creativity

I bought my wife an IPad 2 for Christmas. Throughout last year we had several conversations about Apple products and their attractiveness. My wife loves her IPhone but kept discounting the need for an IPad. I told her she wouldn’t feel that way if she had one. She kept saying “So what is the big deal about the IPad that would make me want one?” I could explain it accept to say “The creative experience is what makes it different.”  Now that she has one she understands why.

Apple’s slogan was “Think Differently” and their products encouraged different thinking.  Regardless of your profession to be a visionary you simply have to think differently and follow your passion if you want to make a difference.  Passions are driven by ideas not egos.  As soon as an ego gets in the way of a passion then creativity is lost. Creativity is the mother of invention and ideas come from creative minds with passion. Passion begets vision and people will follow a worthy and creative vision.

What Is Your Vision?

An Inc. Magazine article titled: 5 Ways to Be Known as a Visionary  states: If you’re a blogger, consultant or an author, being seen as a groundbreaking thinker (a visionary) can have a direct payoff. Heightened credibility and increased visibility can create broader opportunities, drive higher fees, and boost revenues. But in many cases the only boost you can receive is to your ego. Building a platform and an audience for your ideas is really, really hard. You’ll invest countless hours writing, speaking, promoting, and networking, possibly for very little return. Take a hard look at the tangible benefits you expect to receive. If you can’t quantify the return, put your time into other activities that will produce a real return.

If it’s just about your ego, you’ll never succeed, and in fact probably shouldn’t—because groundbreaking thinkers place all the emphasis on their ideas, not on themselves.

Apple’s success came from ideas that created different experiences with machines and media. Steve Job’s was a groundbreaking thinker who was consumed with emphasizing his ideas and millions followed.

There are millions of people and organizations using technology to flex their ego’s. There are only a few that are using technology to make a difference. Visionaries are those people whose ideas make a difference. Whether your vision is big or small it is the difference it can make in one person or millions by enabling them to create ideas for others to create opportunities



Tash January 8, 2012 at 12:24 am

I think that this definition of a successful leader is absolutely brilliant! – “Whether your vision is big or small it is the difference it can make in one person or millions by enabling them to create ideas for others to create opportunities.” A great example, in my opinion, is Such a simple, yet amazingly executed idea. Wish it was mine 😉

Ed Dodds January 6, 2012 at 8:13 am

The problem with being visionary is that way too often the folks with budgetary authority are unimaginative. It will be interesting to see if stock holders in public companies will begin organizing online and shaming C-Suites for not making bold enough (ethical) moves. #occupycyberspace

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