Social Empowerment Changes Everything

by Jay Deragon on 03/19/2012

“It is important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

Social media are creating changes in organizations, entire marketplaces and governments. But change creates fear from those who don’t understand it which begets resistance and resistance begins by down playing the emerging change.

As the influence of social media grows the more the resistors will downplay its significance.  We can already see the “fear” caused by social media…..establishment of corporate policies aimed at controlling communications….the media’s spin on the dangers of on-line activities….sensationalism of negative on-line events that make the headlines….and the spin continues as a tactic to downplay the underlying significance of social media empowerment.

Social media empowerment are best described as “when an individual awakens to the power of their words and realizes that technology connects their words with others and together they can learn how to change anything and everything”.

Learning how to change anything and everything empowers the human soul to believe anything is possible.  The learning becomes the fuel for change. Learning begets more learning and what is being learned isn’t what has been taught by our institutions and past generations.  We are learning how to change anything and everything.

Change Creates New Realities

If any of you have observed the history of change dynamics, you have no doubt witnessed four inescapable cultural realities about change. These are

  1. Those who resist change have the most to loose from the change
  2. Change always threatens power created from old paradigms
  3. Leaders don’t resist change they resist being changed
  4. If you empower people to communicate everything changes.

New realities created by social media are emerging daily. The highest valued stocks on Wall Street are technology companies that have and continue to create new communication realities i.e. Facebook, Google, Apple etc. Communications IS the economy. Social media is not the economy it is only the label we give to technology that has accelerated communications created, distributed and connected to millions of empowered individuals.

Some people and a few organizations understand that the fundamental dynamics of communications has changed, whether called social media or not. When the dynamics of communications change economic changes follow.  To change is to gain to not is to lose.

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