Social: Saying More Than Doing

by Jay Deragon on 03/26/2012

A lot of people using social media have an awful lot to say but few ever do anything.

Jumping on the social bandwagon has become a popular means of self expression and listening to all these voices has become non-productive. Can you relate?

Saying a lot while doing little doesn’t just happen online but off line as well. Consider what happens in many business meetings. A lot of people have a lot to say about nothing but no one seems to want to act on anything. Most people walk away from business meeting thinking “what a waste of time”.

When The Work is Easy, Anyone Can Do It.

It is easy to talk about a lot of things and never do anything about anything. It is easy to have an opinion about everything but never really have the knowledge or fortitude to do anything. More people have something to say than those willing to do anything about what people say and do.

What doesn’t get done is what people complain about. What gets done is what people talk about.  If you want people to say a lot of good things about your business, product or service then simply focus on accomplishing something people want done.  Don’t talk about your commitment to service simply deliver it. Don’t talk about your product just make it worth talking about.  Don’t have meetings to talk about why things don’t get done then go away and do nothing. Leadership is about enabling people to do things then holding them accountable to do the right things.

Instead of saying a lot go do something that matters. Create, develop, deliver, serve, support, help, risk, learn, grow, add, adapt, adjust, evolve, provide value, innovate…as the Nike slogan says, Just do it!

I have a lot to do so enough said!

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