The Social Obituary: Words That Last

by Jay Deragon on 03/05/2012

We all know that someday we’ll die. Some of us will die from an accident while most will die from natural causes. But none of us know when we’ll die.

If you knew when you would die what would you want to say to your love ones, your friends and even to the world? Most everyone regrets not being able to have been able to say something to a family member or friend whom suddenly passed away. Yet everyday we all say something to someone or even everyone without considering that it just may be our last words.

Words That Last

With more and more people of all ages participating within social media or having profiles on social networks the reality is everyone is creating stories and images for life.  Social technology is quickly becoming the “wall of life’s expressions” and everyone is writing their life’s memoirs.  These memoirs reflect both moments in time, the past, present and future memories.  When we die the past and present becomes the future which is wrapped up in sentiments we create from words and deeds shared with others both close and distant.

While many see social technology as a new means to distribute advertisements the human network considers technology as a new means for sharing life.  The sharing of life doesn’t end with death rather it emphasizes the remembrance of life. Social technology now enables us to remember and reflect on more things about the life of those we care about. Not only does technology help us remember the ones we love but in fact it enables us to experience their life over and over.

The new reality about death is the words we share are words that will last forever.  Our words are indeed our social obituary. Make the words last by making them meaningful and valuable for life.


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