Time: The Driving Force Of The New Economy

by Jay Deragon on 03/20/2012

All things social are about sharing and each time somebody shares with someone or everyone a contribution to the social economy is facilitated. Facilitation is a real-time act of helping people reach an intended objective.  Real-time facilitation is the driving for of a consumption economy based on sharing.  The key attribute is real-time.

Think about real-time sharing. While what was shared yesterday remains on the web to be found in search much of online social exchanges are in real-time. Not many people read yesterdays tweets of Facebook wall post.  Most of the audience consumes media in real time.  Think about television programming.  While on-demand has become popular most of the creation and consumption is in real-time.

It Is A Social Sharing Economy In Real-time

As it matures, the driving force of the sharing economy will become time, and the companies that can do business in real-time will occupy a more strategic, and profitable, place in the ecosystem.

Real-time can command premiums, not just discounts

Of course, different markets and different kinds of capacity have unique sensitivities to time.

The more time-sensitive a market becomes for buyers and sellers, the more lucrative the corresponding business opportunity.

This is an old lesson — price and revenue optimization wizards hold time in the highest regard. And as the time-sensitivity of a situation increases, the number of parties we’re willing to entrust with our affairs dwindles to a small handful..

Whether by offering new services or opening up this powerful real-time data, we are exposing new revenue streams that the sharing economy enables.

On short notice, sharing economies are harder to organize, and they involve more risk. Real-time capabilities mean that you sit closer to purchasing decisions, closer to strategic imperatives, closer to profit and loss, closer to sealed deals and averted crises.

Real-time is difficult, and precisely because it is so challenging to do real-time well, and safely, the market will reward those who invest in making the “here and now” a priority. In short, you’re closer to risk, and closer to reward.

Consumers want real-time access, and businesses demand it. The sharing economy is not only online, it’s also picking up speed. via Next-generation sharing economies: why real-time matters most — Tech News and Analysis.

Yesterday Is In The Library, Today Is In The Headlines

We are all pressed for time. It seems to the only issue of scarcity in a world of abundance, save us time and you add more value than forcing me to waste it looking for something I want. We are not interested in storing anything rather we want everything in real-time. Time and space are the limiting factors. The IPad, IPhone and all modern communications devices demonstrates the value of real-time.  We want it now and now is the driving force of the new economic dynamics both personally and organizationally.

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