Social Gravitational Pull

by Jay Deragon on 04/10/2012

Social gravity, or gravitational pull, is a concept of social cohesion, particularly ideas of sociability in the emerging social marketplace.

Without understanding social gravity businesses and individuals lack the understanding of how to pull markets to them rather than pushing messages to markets. Social gravity is a force of attraction that is and will continue to change the rules of business as usual.

From Mark Bonchek – Harvard Business Review: Social gravity isnt just about how many likes you can get on Facebook. This is about enduring, meaningful, and authentic relationships with your customers and the people in their lives. How can you shift from push to pull and create your own social gravity? With three basic steps:

Purpose provides the Why; Platforms the What; and Partners the How.

  1. Shared Purpose: The objective of Push marketing is to convince a customer to make a purchase. In contrast, the objective of Pull marketing is to achieve a shared purpose. The focus isnt on the immediate purchase, but on achieving the shared purpose of creativity, craftsmanship and accomplishment.
  2. Engagement Platforms: While Push marketers focus on products, Pull marketers focus on engagement platforms. These platforms are what engage customers outside the purchase process and deliver value beyond the products being sold.  All you have to do is figure out the right engagement strategy for the value layer.There are five types of engagement strategies that are particularly common. a. Content, e.g. Huffington Post b. Conversation, e.g. Facebookc. Collaboration, e.g. Quorad. Contribution, e.g. Kickstartere. Commerce, e.g. Groupon. These arent the only strategies. Pinterest, for example, has popularized a new category around curation.
  3. Collaborative Partners: Partners are a powerful way of amplifying your gravitational field. By combining forces, you can multiply the value of your service and bring in new constituencies. In addition, partners can add credibility. They reinforce that you are seeking to create value and build relationships beyond pushing products.

After spending decades trying to push products and services to market the new business rules are about learning to pull the market to you. If you continue to push and the markets only responds to pull well it is kind of like trying to force two magnets together with both positive or both negative forces, they won’t attract.  Social magnetism is a force of attraction or repulsion between two or more parties. Social gravitational pull is the new force of attraction. 


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