Aligning Strategy With “Social” Intent

by Jay Deragon on 05/11/2012

New market dynamics are emerging as social technology and the use of it proliferates. Making sense of the dynamics and the strategic implications is everyone’s goal. The goal is not an end rather a never-ending pursuit to learn, share and improve.

Learning and sharing is how people and organization can gain clarity of purpose on how to continuously improve. The real value in all things social is the sharing of knowledge with clarity for others to use. Imagine if an audience was focused on sharing of knowledge with clarity. What would be the outcomes? The answer: never-ending improvement and innovation.

Thinking About Social Media

Sometimes thinking about social media can be confusing, overwhelming and lacking clarity of purpose. To think clearly we need to understand the “system” and its related parts as well as the strategic elements required to optimize the “system of production”.

Life and business is a “System of Production”. Individually we receive information and produce more information for personal or professional goals. Businesses and individual engage in a system of production that takes in, processes and puts out information. Some systems are more productive than others based on the quality of related processes that encompass the parts that make up a system as a whole. The intake, processing and passing of information represents communications. Social technology is a system of communications. Communications drive everything. Communications is our collective and personal economy.

Alignment of Strategic Elements

Social media cannot be efficiently used unless a strategy is aligned with intent. Intent are strategic issues that must be thought out thoroughly because strategy drives tactics, initiatives and ultimately results.

This is a summary of a 19 page white paper available here.

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