Social Discombobulation

by Jay Deragon on 06/07/2012

Some people and entire organizations upset and confused over the use of social media. They are upset about what is being said about them and confused over how to control it.  This state of mind is called social discombobulation.

The swell of conversations about anything, everything and everybody rises daily. The gravity of the force behind the swell is unpredictable and uncontrollable. Institutions are trying to define the phenomena, organizations are bewildered over its influence and as every day passes new dynamics are created by it.

Social media represents a river swelling with conversations, information, knowledge and wisdom for those who know how to harvest it. Harvesting its value requires a different kind of thinking and a willingness to learn anew and embrace the flow of the river.

The Social River

Social media are like a large broad river.  You can try to tame it like the Corps of Engineers has tried to tame the Mississippi River with dams, dikes and levees.  Doing so will give you a false sense of security because in reality the river of social media is going to go where it wants and you have no control whatsoever over the direction it will take, what will be said and the outcomes.

Businesses and individuals are being picked up by the social media river and carried like flotsam, tumbled scraped along the bottom until they are dumped on distant shore unrecognizable in form or function, wondering, “What just happened? What just happened is what has been happening for centuries but at accelerated rates…..the power of mass communications changes everything.  This time in history the communications are from the people and by the people rather than the institutions.

Social discombobulation represents the confluence of philosophical changes which are baffling people and organization whom don’t understand the changes.  The philosophical shifts fueled by “social” are the result of more and more people attempting to solve  fundamental problems created from past paradigms of thinking.

The Philosophy fueled by all things social is distinguished from other ways of addressing problems by its systematic approach and its reliance on engagement of the masses around a central thought or action. The word “philosophy” comes from the Greek (philosophia), which literally means “love of wisdom”.  The modern wisdom of the day comes from conversational rivers flowing freely and baffling those who do not know how to harvest information and knowledge being shared.

Those discombobulated try and control those sharing information and knowledge and in doing so they end up hurting themselves.  Control comes back to those who freely give it.

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