Why We Are Demanding Better

by Jay Deragon on 06/05/2012

People know what needs to improve but lack the power to improve it. Management thinks they know what needs to improve but hold the power to improve it.

Profit comes from improvements but improvements come from the people who are empowered to improve and a culture that enables them to improve.  People have known this for decades and are sick of not being enabled to improve things faster.

Umair Haque writes: “Constituencies are demanding better because they’re beginning to recognize that the greatest waste in history is squandering the full richness of untapped human potential. And as a consequence, they’re demanding relationships powered by exchanges that don’t just maximize “profit” on one side and yield “stuff” on the other, but that redraw the boundaries of human potential. They’re demanding organizations that don’t just make money, but that can begin seeding, nurturing, and harvesting higher-order wealth in them, with them, and for them. People, communities, society, governments, investors, and employees alike are all starting to say: “I’m not interested in your business. Business is obsolete. The real question is: can your company do anything more than just ‘business’? What can you do to inspire, amaze, delight, surprise, elevate, enlighten, and better me, and the  community around me? What can you do to evoke my fuller potential, and that of the people I care about? What can you do to authentically matter to me?” Haque, Umair (2011-12-15). Betterness: Economics for Humans (Kindle Single) (Kindle Locations 448-456). Perseus Books Group. Kindle Edition.

It Is Time For Better

Time is the critical force that restrains or enables progress. Delays, defects, waste, mis-communications, politics and cultures of control steal billions in productivity on a daily basis.  There is no better time than now. Why wait to call a meeting when the task at hand is to simply get better. Who knows how to get better? The people inside and outside the organization and they are waiting for betterment.

Betterment is the driving force of the human network. Unless things change they are likely to remain the same. The same is no longer an acceptable standard, better is.

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