Change Agents Are Social Media

by Jay Deragon on 07/27/2012

The single most critical trait change agents have is power. Change agents used to be categorized as people but now change agents have been enabled by technology.

Burning with desire to improve things and frustrated with the organizational inertia change agents are now finding leverage with social media.

A transformative idea can percolate from inside an organization and quickly go viral outside. These transformative ideas may be about products, services or the culture of the organization. It doesn’t mater what the subject matter is the conversations are spreading like wild fire and burning down historical barriers to change.

Breaking Down The Barriers To Change

True change agents see a future no one else does, and that vision won’t let them rest. They don’t lead change because it “makes sense” or because change is “necessary.” They lead change because they believe organizations must get ahead of an approaching “discontinuity” in order to survive and win. Whether organizations are willing to change or not, change agents forge ahead regardless of organizational decisions. Instead today’s change agents forge bonds with like minded individuals wanting a better future and the bond is formed not as a formal organization rather as “virtual believers” operating outside the walls of traditional organizations.

Because of the social web change agents are gaining more power, more followers and more momentum. Unless you see them coming or have jointed their “group” you will be surprised when they come knocking or when their efforts change your organizations intents at the click of a mouse.

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