Get Big By Getting Small

by Jay Deragon on 07/05/2012

It used to be that the BIG Companies could always out perform the small.  They had more money for advertising, product development, sales, distribution, technology and human resources.

It seemed that the bigger you got the more stuff you had to manage. Then managing more stuff became wasteful, slow and bureaucratic.

Then the BIG called in management consultants to teach them how to manage the BIG more effectively. Studies were done, data was gather and analyzed and the new re-organization plan was born.   People and budgets were shuffled around, cost accounting was instituted, the balanced score card was introduced and by the end of this improvement cycle (if you can call it that) things changed again.  Unsatisfied with the promised improvements stakeholders decided it was time to change leadership….you know the kind of leader that focused on the customer.

The new leader promised better times for everyone and he/she stepped into their overpaid position with lots of stock options, limo’s, country club memberships, private jets and armani suites.  Looking over the BIG company and the hundreds/thousands of employees the new leader demanded change from all the little folks and told everyone “we must serve the customer”.  And the little people replied under their breath “really”.

Then over time nothing changed accept a revolving door of managers and leaders while the performance deteriorated and customer left for competition which by the way was the smaller, more nimble and personal company offering better quality at lower prices.

The BIG Need To Get Small

Within every organization, regardless of size, there are many small companies. The small companies represent individuals products or support services and departments.  Each having its own team of willing workers whom are lead by one or move team leaders. Each has its own P&L and are run with five clear objectives:

  1. Never Stop Improving Processes and Have the Data to Prove It
  2. Support Your Team By Sharing New Knowledge & Wisdom on a Daily Basis
  3. Create Joy in Work
  4. Serve The Customer By Doing Things Right & Doing The Right Things
  5. Abide by The Company’s Values and Believe In The Vision & Mission

Small teams mean the people who are close to the decisions that matter can make them quickly.  All decisions are guided by the five clear objectives.

Small teams are the new big because small gives you the flexibility to change the business model when the market suddenly shifts.

Small is the new big only when people are given clear objectives, the power to decide and guidance from the organization’s value, vision & mission.

Get BIG by Getting Small is the objective and the methods do not require layers and layers of management.


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