Learn How To Change Change

by Jay Deragon on 07/09/2012

The global conversations are exceeding organizational capacity to keep up with demand. Through the Internet, people are sharing knowledge about anything, everything and everybody with blinding speed. As a direct result, buyers are getting smarter— and getting smarter faster than suppliers.

These dynamics are creating waves of change throughout every organization large and small.  However these waves of change are faster, smarter and more demanding than ever before and thus most traditional approaches to change are doomed to fail. Organizations must now learn how to change change.

Old change models and methods are outdated and require a total transformation in thinking. The direction for the future is clear. Focusing on methods to gain operational savings  and increasing revenues are approaching their limits.  Efforts to increase revenue by increasing advertising and marketing budgets are beginning to backfire and  organizations need to shift their focus matters of the heart. Yes, those soft issues that influence the heart of the human network by giving meaning and purpose to products, services and jobs. Companies have to give customers and employees meaningful reasons  to want engage with them.

Changing Change

Someone once said “People don’t resist change they resist being change”.  The historical organizational model to change initiatives has been top down. The better approach is not top down or bottom up rather it simply is “get out of the way” and let change change everything has fast as possible.

Companies that get management out of the way of the customer, the employee and the supplier often experience a cultural multiplier effect. Over time, as they learn to turn change into great performance, leaders in these organizations become much more confident in their organizations capabilities and much more willing to make the stretch commitments that inspire and transform people’s thinking.

If you can change how and what people think about you can change change.  If you don’t focus on learning how to change thinking then your thinking becomes the enemy of change.

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