Is The Use Of Knowledge Scarce?

by Jay Deragon on 08/16/2012

As the internet continues to gain popularity, it has been a convenient and powerful knowledge resource. We can find knowledge on websites, forums, blogs, RSS subscription, video hosting sites, expert sites, social networking platforms, and many more. We just need to Google relevant information and we can find it.

Now Google is moving to transition all its information into knowledge. A recent CNET article reads: Google bringing new smarts to search with Knowledge Graph:  Search giant builds a 500-million-item database of people, places, and things. Its content will be appearing in your search results starting today.

Are We Using All This Knowledge?

When you observe the behavior of organizations, markets and governments you have to wonder why all these people behave as if they have no knowledge.  Knowledge is the key to learning, innovating and creating new value for yourself and others.  Knowledge surrounds us like never before. It is easily accessible, share able and understandable.  While knowledge is more plentiful now than any other time in history people fail to gather and use it. Many of us can swim all day in the Sea of Knowledge and still come out completely dry. Most of us do.  But why?

Increasing your knowledge is one thing, using it is another. Using knowledge creates wisdom from the experience. Wisdom means more than simply knowing a lot.  Wisdom  is how to use knowledge and put it to good use.

But where is the wisdom in all of this new knowledge?  Wisdom is experience-driven and we get more as we learn to exercise more knowledge. As the power and influence of the internet continues to grow it represents a massive accumulation of knowledge waiting to be used. All of this new knowledge indicates significant change in the dynamics of governments, society, markets, organizations, strategies and individual as well as collective belief systems.  Everything is subject to change because the wisdom being gained by the few is changing everything for the many.

If you don’t agree or understand these implications then seek to use the knowledge to gain the wisdom. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer  said “The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.” 

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