Selfish Corporate Cowards

by Jay Deragon on 08/30/2012

Tough title but something many employees would like to say to management.

Lets face it. Employees watch as leadership lets management get away with unfair management practices and worse yet unethical behavior which becomes covered up by political correctness. Who inside the organization would be fearless enough to stand up and call things as they are rather than what they pretend to be?  Many want to but most all don’t for fear of retribution. Oh if the walls and water coolers could speak….wait a minute they do!

As Things Are vs. What They Pretend To Be…

Few organizations are designed to be adaptable. Rather most talk about changing their culture, removing barriers to change and do so under newly proclaimed, visions, missions and organizational principles.  Look inside any organization and follow the root cause to slow change as well as the inability to adapt and it will lead you to the “office of management”. Management controls the way things are while pretending that they support the new way things ought to be.  If any employee or an outside consultant calls them on their behavior…..they nod their heads in agreement then work backdoor channels to send the culprits packing.  You can read this behavior like tea leaves:

  1. While previously engaged in what must change they now avoid even the sound of such discussions using the “busyness” excuse.
  2. All of a sudden the rumors mills about “offenses caused by those who challenge such behavior” abound and false claims of their intents are used to disguise insecurity.
  3. They pretend to be interested in learning new tools and gaining new knowledge while all along working to sabotage the use of such things knowing full well it would reveal their own inadequacies.
  4. They are driven for selfish gain of power to keep things as they are while pretending they believe in the way things should be. Actions speak louder than words. If they beleieved in the way things should be then they’d stop doing things that create the way things are.
  5. Finally if anyone internally or externally has the guts to confront their behavior they resort to “bullying”.

All bullies are ultimately cowards.

Bullies behave as bullies when they are in positions of strength or weakness. This actually allows them to perpetuate as a species (Darwin removes those who attack, regardless of their positional strength, from the gene pool). The motivation behind bullies is selfishness and protecting their egos from the shame of their behavior.

Leadership (and Management) is about creating something useful and beneficial with a collection of people. Selfish, cowardly acts are all about taking, not creating. The reason why management resist change is that in most cases it is easier to take something than to make something.

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