Between Now And Later

by Jay Deragon on 09/21/2012

It is what happens between now and later determines the next now.

The term “now and later” may refer to the frequency of an occurrence or a current and future time. The distance between now and later is time.

Between now and later a lot can happen. Business runs at the speed of the marketplace it serves. Some marketplaces are slow to change while others are changing daily.  Depending on the marketplace you serve the distance between now and later can be a minute or a year. The difference between now and later is determined by the rate of change and the rate of interest.

Thinking About Rates of Change & Interest

Creating a road map of how to deal with the rate of change and interest is more about learning to think differently between now and later. Customer satisfaction is no longer enough.  Organizations must think about exceeding customer expectations. To learn how to exceed expectations means one has to throw out all previous understandings of satisfaction. Satisfaction is no longer a differential rather it is the foundation for winners to understand how to exceed expectations now rather than later.  Doing so insures your competitive advantage.

Today both complaints and praises are in real-time and transparent for everyone to see and hear. Anything placed on the web enters the digital library and the more conversations that reference your business the more visible it is to Google, the universal library. The higher the visibility the easier it will be found by others. Both unsatisfied and delighted customer sentiment are easily found. It is the delighted sentiment that moves markets because if the markets are unsatisfied or even satisfied the customer is not moved.

The web works based on a rate of change and a rate of interest. What gets you the highest rate of return? It is the thinking that bridges the gap of experiences between now and later.

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