Pillars of Social Wisdom

by Jay Deragon on 10/16/2012

When we use the word pillar we refer to people and things  which stand out in appearance, character and wisdom.

Wisdom consists of making the best use of knowledge.  The opposite of wisdom is folly.  Yet even people who possess lots of intellectual knowledge fail to apply said knowledge effectively. The reason is they lack the wisdom required to use knowledge effectively. Thus even the smartest people sometimes appear foolish because of the lack of wisdom.

Social technology is accelerating human interaction and you can spot wisdom  by the content created and distributed by “the crowds of wisdom“. These crowds share ideas and knowledge and each builds on the interactions of another. The context of the content reflects  the “crowds of wisdom” by seven distinct pillars of thought which are:

  • Seeing the Whole: The ability to understand how social technology changes all “systems” regardless of industry and all related knowledge domains that were created from past systems.
  • Understanding:  A person with understanding is not confused by all the conflicting messages in our culture about the right way to do things . The gift of understanding perfects a person’s speculative reason in the apprehension of discovering new knowledge.
  • Counsel : A person with right judgment avoids folly which steals productivty. The crowds of wisdom enable others to see the whole and understand the relevant implications of change.
  • Courage: A person with courage is willing to stand up for their beliefs, even if it means accepting rejection, verbal abuse, or even criticism from other crowds of influence .
  • Knowledge:  The “pillars” of knowledge are those that understand more than an accumulation of facts or information. Pillars of knowledge seek to gain more knowledge from others and collaborate together to increase knowledge for everyone’s use.
  • Reverence: A pillar of reverence recognizes their total reliance on the human network with humility, trust, and respect. Pillars of reverence don’t seek “klout” individually rather they seek change that improves productivity collectively.
  • Ideation: Ideation is about sharing thoughts and possibilities freely knowing that the human network can validate and expand ideas into greater meaning and outcomes faster than ever before.

In the coming Social Era real and long term results will be gained from those organizations whose words and behavior reflects the “pillars of social wisdom”.  Short term and fake results will be gained by those that don’t have social wisdom.

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Virtual Office October 16, 2012 at 8:10 am

Great Post! I totally agree that knowledge plays an important role for the growth of an individual. If knowledge is used in the right way and direction then only man can become successful.

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