Redefining Normal

by Jay Deragon on 10/15/2012

What used to be considered normal would be considered abnormal today. Like what?

When was the last time you “disconnected” from all the communications, the media and the global network? Being connected to everyone and everything is now normal. It used to be that our “connectivity” was mostly in person and with people we really know. That was considered normal.

Normal is no longer what it used to be. Things are changing at the speed of “click”. More people are connected globally than ever before in history, not normal.    The global conversations are accelerating and the subsequent influence is changing market dynamics, behavior and relationships, not normal.

It’s hard when we face things that are “not normal”.  Our old patterns, habits and expectations often don’t meet our new needs and we’re left confused, frightened and overwhelmed. Finding comfort is not normal times comes from accepting and learning not normal as normal.

Once we accept not normal we’ll find comfort in normal.  Change is normal. Resisting change is also normal but brings difference consequences than accepting not normal. Resisting change is the enemy of not normal. The new normal is to embrace change, learn its meaning, its value and use what you’ve learned to make a new normal.

For some organizations, near-term survival is the only agenda item. Others are peering through the fog of uncertainty, thinking about how to position themselves once not normal has passed and things return to normal. The question is, “What will normal look like?” While no one can say how long not normal will last, what we find on the other side will not look like the normal of recent years. The new normal will be shaped by a confluence of powerful forces—some arising directly from recent acceleration of not normal events and some that were at work long before not normal began.

Normal has been redefined as not normal. Get used to it.


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