Social Therapy for the C-Suite

by Jay Deragon on 10/08/2012

Social Therapy for the C-Suite is the next big trend. It is kind of like a massive feedback session which awakens the organizations leaders to their dysfunction .

Social therapy for C-Suite is a particular kind of group therapy. Executives that are in denial, experiencing relationship issues (employees, customers and suppliers), need to join a community, in the form of a social therapy group.

The group — people , employees, customers and suppliers — share responsibility for telling the C-Suite the truths about the organizations dysfunction. Usually this social intervention addresses consistent behaviors of the C-Suite which includes:

  • They admit to dysfunctional behaviors but feign disbelief as to their organizational impact.
  • They bring designated truth-tellers into the organization so that they are “around,” but marginalize or silence them, or fail to give them sufficient resources.
  • They hire consultants and commission reports and findings of fact but then leave them on the shelf to grow dust.
  • They give lip service to the importance of self-analysis, but get preoccupied with firefighting crises or create them in order to avoid the real work of organizational change.
  • They avoid measuring performance, reporting on performance, discussing results
  • They engage in strategic development only to not ask employees and customers for input on said development
  • They think their time is too vauleable to study and comprehend the implications of the “Social Era”.
  • They think “social” is primarily a marketing function used to trick people into a transaction and they actually believe they can get an ROI from such practices
  • They think all this dialog about being a social business is akin to group hugging or providing on the job  babysitting services for workers and their children

Social therapy for the C-Suite will be provided by truth tellers whom have no fear of retribution or being ousted from the organization.  Social therapy for the C-Suite will become a billion dollar industry over night since there are so many executives desperately needing Social therapy.

Social Therapy will usher in a new era of telling the truth – making the truth public – and then holding the C-Suite accountable to it.

The irony of this story is that most of it is true except the C-Suite’s willingness to admit they need social therapy.

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