Tolerant Of Everything, Standing For Nothing

by Jay Deragon on 10/30/2012

When it comes to creating organizational clarity and alignment, intolerance is essential. After all, if an organization is tolerant of everything, it will stand for nothing.

Leaders who do not think about the values the organization stands for are in denial of what makes the organization work. Employees and customers look for affinities with an organization’s values. If those values are not defined and emulated in every engagement then the human soul finds no affinity. Without an affinity there is no grounds to building security in the relationship.

The importance of values in creating clarity and enabling a company to become healthy cannot be overstated. More than anything else, values are critical because they define a company’s personality. They provide employees with clarity about how to behave, which reduces the need for inefficient and demoralizing micromanagement. That alone makes values worthwhile. But beyond that, an organization that has properly identified its values and adheres to them will naturally attract the right employees and repel the wrong ones.

The impact of values goes beyond employees. Clear values can also serve to attract and repel the right customers who want to do business with an organization that reflects what they value, and not just in some cause-related, theoretical sense.

Resigned To Valueless Leadership

Most business leaders resign themselves to operating their company in a pragmatic, valueless way, leaving employees and customers unsure of what the organization really stands for. When employees complain that the company’s values are being violated, leaders just shrug their shoulders and focus on something more tangible. We’ve all see it and most have experienced it. Consider:

  1. Most employee’s do not trust the organization they work for
  2. Many leaders will say anything to satisfy everyone for the moment. However what they say is not what they do
  3. The chase for revenue and profits often creeps into justification for doing the wrong things and doing things wrong
  4. Power and influence often trump values and integrity
  5. Few dare to confront these issues because confrontation requires an acknowledgement of the issues

In the SocialEra denial of the issues that offend the values of the human network means the human network has no idea what you stand for. Without standing for anything your organization has no clarity, no meaning and no alignment with the values of the human network. That being the case you will soon be standing alone wondering what happened.

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