4 Principles Of NextGen Marketing

by Jay Deragon on 11/29/2012

Marketing no longer controls the message or the media. The control has shifted to the masses and now marketing methods must change to meet the demands of NextGen buyers.

NextGen marketing efforts will focus on social methods which enhance opportunities to engage with buyers.  NextGen marketing efforts will also focus on insuring that the message is in context to what buyers care about.  Communicating what customers care about, how and where they communicate that message as well as when and where the message is delivered.

NextGen marketing is about who, when, where, why, what and how suppliers engage with buyers. NextGen marketing represents a philosophical shift about the purpose of marketing.  Those who adopt NextGen marketing believe in a set of four principles which are:

  1. It’s Not About “Likes”, It Is About Cares. NextGen marketing expresses what the company cares about beyond profit and products and aligns the message to the things customers care about.
  2. Messaging Anywhere and Everywhere: NextGen marketers will focus not on one medium but all mediums.  Marketers will focus on mobile, print and online messaging learning to personalize, yet automate, text, video and voice messages all in context with buyers affinities seamlessly and consistently.
  3. Context Of The Content Matters:  It’s important for companies to frequently create  content that is in context to buyers interest, whether or not those interest have anything to do with your product or service.  The compatibility of the major social networking sites gives a company’s content the potential to reach a wide audience online as long as the content is in context to buyer affinities. Traditional advertising schemes broadcasting product or service messages don’t attract engagements.
  4. Engaging with Customers. The next generation of customers will be accustomed to participating in product or service development by giving feedback to companies that listen and respond. Last year, 62 percent of consumers sought customer service using social media while about 95 percent of consumers’ wall posts and comments about brands were left unanswered. If customers can have two-way dialogue with brands as easily and naturally as they interact with their friends, brands will prosper. While customers are ready to engage most brands are not.

NextGen marketing really represents undoing what marketers have always done and doing more of what buyers do.  The shift in thinking can be difficult for those that don’t understand today’s marketplace and easy for those that do.

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