10 Reasons Why “Social” Matters To Your Business

by Jay Deragon on 12/17/2012

head_in_the_sand-461x307Many businesses have yet to awaken to the shifts in business dynamics resulting from all this social stuff.

Many Leaders have yet to comprehend the value of “social” to business. Most simply believe “social” is something the marketing department uses to try and increase sales.

Many B2B businesses still don’t believe “social” is relevant to their customers. The reason why there is still resistance in many market segments is simple. Business leaders simply don’t know why it matters.

To ignore that the web has become the source of information about what,where,why,how, when and who people are looking for is akin to sticking your head in the sand. If your head is stuck in the sand you can’t see the landscape to determine where you are going and how will you get there. In other words you simply can’t see anything that can help you get your head out of the sand.

10 Social Things You Need To See That Matter To Your Business

Here are 10 things that may help you see why social matters:

  1. Social facilitates the interaction of people with people
  2. Social facilitates the interaction ofpeople with technology
  3. Social facilitates the interaction of technology with technology.
  4. Knowledge is generated by these three interactions.
  5. These interactions may better be understood as data.
  6. Social powers a world of relevant, rich knowledge perpetuated by rich data.
  7. Social empowers business to have relevant, rich knowledge and relationships.
  8. Social creates efficencies, effectiveness and innovation.
  9. Social embodies learning, teaching, sharing and collaborating
  10. Social is the fabric of the human network. Your business needs humans to thrive.

Social matters because it has always mattered to people. If you don’t think it matters to your business then you are fundamentally saying people don’t matter. That attitude is left over from the Industrial Eera. In case you haven’t noticed this is the #SocialEra.

Any person would view the ten things that matter as common sense. The problem is these things are not common in most businesses. It seems the only common thing that matters for business is profit and power without purpose.

To gain purpose you must gain insight. To gain insight you must gain wisdom. It is time to wise up or your business won’t matter. 

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