2013: The Dawn Of The #SocialEra

by Jay Deragon on 01/04/2013

sunshine on the eartDawning means to begin to be perceived or understood. In 2013 markets will awaken to a much broader understanding of “all things social” that goes way beyond social media marketing.

Marketers are coming to recognition of the inexorable collapse of mass media and mass marketing, and the hyper-fragmentation of their online successors. The Industrial Revolution was revolutionary because it created marketing efficiency through scale. The Digital Revolution, by contrast, has decimated scale.

Marketing efforts have and will continue to become unsustainable. The new marketing mantra is marketing with meaning, sell trust.  According to the 2006 Edelman Trust Barometer, “quality products and services” was the top response in identifying the standard of trust. By 2010, mere “quality” had dropped to No. 3. “Transparent and honest practices” was No. 1 (with 83% of respondents citing it).

Clearly, those whom we trust and adore, we trust and adore a lot. It’s human nature. Luckily, while the digital revolution was undermining Mass it was also supercharging human nature.

Enter The Social Era

Nilofer-Merchant-Social-Era-in-BusinessHuman nature refers to the distinguishing characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting, that humans tend to have naturally, i.e. independently of the influence of culture. Ever since the industrial revolution organizations have tried to control and manipulate human nature through organizational charts, human resource departments, politics, power and money.

In the era of mass consumption people were fed messages to fuel their hunger for consumption (marketing).  From Baby Boomers to Generation X,Y and now Z the hunger has shifted from being influenced by mass media to “purpose media”. Purpose media is is more reflective of human nature while mass media is more reflective of old school main stream media.

Social technology has empowered the human network to influence the behavior of markets.  Subsequently the emerging changes are redefining leadership, value creation, work which is changing how work gets done, competition and enitre business models. To keep pace with all these changes business leaders must change the way they think in order to change the way their business serves the market in the Social Era.

The dawn of the #Social Era is more about the reflection of human values than it is about the values propagated by old business models. The human network has already recognized the dawning and collectively they are ushering in the Social Era.

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