7 Forces Fueling The Perfect Social Storm

by Jay Deragon on 01/15/2013

Perfect-StormA “perfect social storm” is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically. The term is also used to describe an actual phenomenon that happens to occur in such a confluence that the results are a series of event of unusual magnitude.

The internet of all things is advancing into the perfect social storm. The rare combination of circumstances is relevant to the emergence of seven confluent forces that are disrupting old business models, markets, social theories and economic paradigms.  One force of change represents disruption that doesn’t equate to systemic change. Seven forces of change equates to systemic change of unusual magnitude.

Systemic change of unusual magnitude happens when the intersection of technology with the human network initially begins to make small changes in communications then swells to create resulting changes across multiple segments that have defined society for centuries. Today the Internet is a global platform for accelerating the flow of information and knowledge pushing many, if not all, older social paradigms into obsolescence. Consider the influence the internet has had on media, entertainment, marketing, politics, communications, distribution, consumption, logistics, human connectivity and society in general.   The internet has disrupted old paradigms that have held the human network captive for centuries.

7 Forces That Fuel The Perfect Social Storm

The forces that fuel the perfect social storm threaten to create massive disruptive changes unforeseen and unknowable to those unaware. Each force by itself is gaining attention, traction and recognition as powerful in of themselves. However the disruptive nature of all seven forces converging together as one promises to significantly change old business models, market dynamics and economic paradigms. The 7 forces currently on a collision course with the current landscapes include:

  1. The Dawn of The Social Era
  2. The Social Era Revolution
  3. Social Purpose vs. Profit
  4. Value Creation in the Social Era
  5. The Influence of Outliers
  6. Challenging Old Management Myths
  7. The Economics of The Social Era

Those wanting to maintain the status quo will not be able to resist the forces of the perfect social storm.  There is no authority, institution or organization that can stop the perfect social storm. The convergent forces are not man made rather they each and collectively represent the natural forces of the human network connected with common purposes.  The common purposes are the meaningful connections that create value faster than ever before.

What the industrial era meant to production of tangible things the Social Era will mean to the production of value from intangible things.

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