The Era of Social Madness

by Jay Deragon on 01/21/2013

madnessAn Era is a period of time characterized by particular circumstances and events. Madness is defined as great folly. Folly is costly undertaking having an absurd or ruinous outcome. Much of today’s use of social media will be remembered as the Era of Social Madness.

This era will be remembered by foolish theories that businesses and people perpetuated through the use of “social media”.  The theories were based on old business models and marketing tactics used for mass marketing as a means to the end…selling more.

For the last ten years marketers have convinced businesses to invest in activities justified by social badges as measures of influence that will look like madness to the NextGen business leaders. These social badges and the related theories used to justify them include:

  1. Claiming the # of Likes created from Facebook Interactions has commercial meaning
  2. Using advertising models and methods and claiming it to be “social media”
  3. Assigning “social” to the marketing department and calling the organization a social business
  4. Trying to sell value without asking the buyers what value they want
  5. Forcing visitors to you web site to “sign up or sign in” with their personal information
  6. Trying to create tangible measures from intangible assets without defining intangible assets
  7. Chasing social results without understanding social causes
  8. Thinking “social media” is just a tool rather than a philosophical shift
  9. Pursuing social scores thinking that rank represents social purpose
  10. Believing experience using social media means you have the knowledge to understand all things social

1-10 and more represent today’s Social Madness that will be on exhibit forever at the Social Museum in the “Cloud”.  The organizations and self-appointed gurus that propagated such madness will also appear in the “fools’ index” as a reference of those whose thinking ought not to be perpetuated for fear of being added to the “fools index”.

The dawning of the Social Era will reveal meaningful and purposeful use of all things social. Meaningful and purposeful will be defined in knowledge terms that enable people and businesses to create more value than simply selling something.

Social madness will be replaced by social sanity which comes from focusing on social value and values.

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