Social Commercialization Of Life

by Jay Deragon on 02/27/2013


Commercialization’ is the process or cycle of introducing a new product or production method into the market.  Social media has turned our lives into a commodity of the marketplace used by brands as meaningless “friends”.

The meaning of life has little to do with calling a brand “friend”. While social media has created mass commercial attention the value doesn’t come from the attention rather it is created from the intention.

Personal intention is different that commercial intention. Yet marketers tend to believe their intention is our intention. Commercialization of all things social follows form with the behavior of commercial brands in the social era.

The phycology of commercial behavior is to appeal to the human needs for self-actualization, belonging and recognition by creating images and messages that appear human. However the differences between personal and commercial behavior is in the intentions.

Commercializing Social Interaction

Personal vs CommercialUmair Haque writes: The majority of people worldwide wouldn’t care if two thirds of brands disappeared tomorrow. Just 20 percent of brands are seen to have a notable positive impact on people’s lives.

Those are two of the findings from Meaningful Brands, a little study we do at my Lab. And while I don’t suggest you take them as hyper quantitative gospel, I do suggest: they point squarely to a broken relationship between companies and individuals — part of a larger break between people and institutions I’ve called a Great Splintering, a global breakdown of the industrial age social contract of more, bigger, faster, cheaper now — at any cost, including the planet, your town, the McJob once formerly known as your career, and the express train to nowheresville currently known as the future of everyone under the age of 35 and/or worth less than a few billion dollars.

The Social Era continues to raise the bar of awareness between personal and commercial intentions. While those whom try to commoditize social interactions of the human network to create tangible results there are “swarms of people” focusing on the intangible value of social interactions to create a different results. The different result will be to naturally replace commercial intentions as a result of social interactions among, between and in concert with human intentions.

The replacement of commercial intentions with personal intentions will actually create a new kind of commercial concern that enhances our personal lives. 

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