Social Is The Lever That Balances Power

by Jay Deragon on 03/07/2013

Balancing PowerPower has gotten out of control and enabled the few to have a bigger voice than the many. The stronger the voice the more influence they have had over the many.

Power usual equates to position and money. The top have traditionally had more power than the bottom. The more money one has the more influence they are granted. Power corrupts those who assume that power should be used for selfish purposes.

Money begets power and subsequently corrupts those who thrive on getting more of it. The influence and process of gaining power and money has left scars on the moral fiber of the human network. Consider:

  1. An ever bigger share of the world’s wealth going to an ever smaller global elite.
  2. Companies spending millions of dollars to tilt the regulatory playing field in their favor.
  3. Three-hundred-to-one pay differentials between CEOs and first-level employees.
  4. Governance structures that are expressly designed to deflect shareholder concerns.
  5. Companies that treat employees as mere factors of production.
  6. Executives who reap outsized rewards for mediocre performance.
  7. Companies that award 90% of their share options to a handful of senior executives.
  8. Companies that resist calls for greater transparency and consumer protection.
  9. Corporations that compromise their values to do business with repressive regimes.
  10. Corporate PR campaigns that fudge the facts and demonize critics.

The list of imbalances could go on and one but the point is power has gotten out of balance and the economy reflects these imbalances. Now, because of social technology and transaparency of offenses, the people have a righteous anger about the way organizations and institutions have used power for the few while letting the many pay.  The many pay in more ways than money.

Imagine All The People Creating A Balance

We’ve seen significant events unfold politically through the power of social media and the power it has given people to organise and mobilise themselves against oppression.  We’ve witnessed backlashes against Airlines, popular Brands, and Financial Institutions all powered by social media.   The people have discovered a new lever and it is their voices uniting against the imbalance of power.

John Lennon once said “You are not in control – the people are – they always have been, but you’ve been stuck in some commercial, pre-digital illusion that has fooled you into believing that you call the shots. You don’t!” 

We the people have been given a lever to balance the power controlled and influenced by the few. Instead of letting power corrupt us lets use it to create more value and power than the few ever dreamed of having.

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