Thinking About What’s Valuable

by Jay Deragon on 03/06/2013

the-perception-of-value-300x200When we are young some of us think about being successful. When we get older we think about what is valuable.

I am the youngest of five and remember things like the JFK assasination, The Vietnam War, when man walked on the moon, the Hippie era, the resignation of Richard Nixon and a host of other events that left lasting impressions.

As a child I remember my Father working long hours and being proud of his success. When I got older I remember him working less and being proud of his family.

As a young man I tried to do more to make more for my family. I worked hard building my own businesses. I worked long hours, traveled the globe and paid the hard price of “success”. The hard price came in terms of poor health and broken relationhsips.  Neither of these were worth the price of “success”.

Now the older I get the more I think about what is valuable. Watching my wife get the professional recognition she deserves while also being an outstanding partner and Mother is valuable.  Playing games on XBox with my ten year old son is valuable.  Driving him to school every morning and just talking about anything and everything is valuable. Talking with my daughters and hearing about their life is valuable. Having my grandchildren visit and watching them grow is valuable. Talking with my brother and sisters about anything is valuable. Hearing from old friends and past co-workers whom meant a lot to me is valuable.  I also find value in meeting new people whom find value in discovering what is valuable.

A Valuable Journey

Life is a journey and what we discover along the way is more important than where we think we are going. The journey is more about learning than it is about reaching any one point along the way.

One of the reasons I find the web so fascinating is what I and all the others who engage with it are learning. We are learning to discover what is valuable. I am not talking about “valuable” in the commercial sense rather I am sharing what is valuable in the personal sense.

In the Social Era the journey for a business is about discovering what is valuable to people and providing it to the people, not the business.  It isn’t complicated but the simplicity is complicated to those who forget or stop learning  what is valuable.

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