What If You Did The Opposite?

by Jay Deragon on 04/01/2013

opposite-300x300Much of what previous worked is outdated and being replaced by the opposite. Much of the thinking  about marketing has been replaced with the opposite thinking about “markets”. Much of the influence of media has been replaced by the influence of social media.

Yet many people and organizations continue to stay the path of the status quo when in fact they should be doing the opposite.

Mike Myatt writes in Forbes, The Power of What If:  I’ve always said status quo is mediocrity’s best friend. While static thinking is the best short cut to obsolescence you’ll ever find, why would you want to travel that path? The sad thing is, I observe many more people willing to travel a path of ruin than I do people willing to change their thinking. While companies destined to fail reward average thinking, successful companies reward the bold thinking revealed through the microscope of what if.

Much has been written about the power of creative thinking, ideation, disruptive innovation, etc., but little has been written on how to successfully implement these processes. If you’ve ever wondered how to find those “ah-ha” moments, they all begin through observations inspired by asking what if. Just because what I’m espousing today is simple doesn’t mean it isn’t effective.While many so-called business gurus sell profit through complexity, the reality is leaders rarely profit from complexity – real profit is found in the pure elegance of simplicity.

The Social Era fuels creative thinking, ideation, disruptive innovation and collaboration through interactions using social media. What people love about social media is the accelerated distribution of knowledge.  What marketers love about social media is the accelerated distribution of media…that is why business leaders think of social as a new media channel. And that’s why so many businesses fail at understanding its value.

The value is the opposite of their intent.  Albert Einstein said “It’s a fool who acquires knowledge without understanding“.  The simplicity of social media is what makes it complex to those puffed up in old outdated knowledge.

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