5 Signs Management Needs To Grow Up

by Jay Deragon on 05/01/2013

immature managementAn organization’s attitude is a direct reflection of management’s maturity. In the Social Era where “attitudes” are transparent for the world to observe an organization cannot afford to let adolescent managers supervise adults employees.

Attitudes form directly as a result of experience. Sometimes, probably more times than we’d admit, the attitudes between employees and management are hidden yet transparent to those who care to “listen”.

Today’s workers don’t come to a job looking to be told what to do rather they are looking to be engaged so they can contribute to how work gets done.

The knee-jerk reaction of many immature managers to a performance challenge is to “take control” and get involved in how and when a task is done. This is the mentality of the Industrial Era production line manager.  Today these management styles look like a dysfunctional teenager trying to control their life through a self centered perspective with limited vision, and experience, of the world around them.

5 Signs of Management Immaturity

The evidence is clear. Look around and we can see that management behavior and thinking must mature or lose the #1 asset that drives performance, Human Capital.  Here are fives common signs of management immaturity:

  1. Management defines employee engagement as the employees ability to follow management instructions.  A mature manager would ask the employee for their instructions on solving problems. Studies show that engaged employees are 50% more productive and 33% more profitable
  2. Management believes they can motivate and manipulate people with money. The reality is what people really want is work that is meaningful and purposeful. see example: What Job Candidates Really Want: Meaningful Work
  3. When management ask employee’s for their opinion what they get is “Here is my opinion now lets talk about why my opinion is right”.
  4. Management plays the exclusivity game: They use power and position to intimidate and stifle others. Rather than include more ideas and knowledge they fight to protect their executive positions and privileges.
  5. Management views business as a game of win and lose. They win at the cost of someone else loosing.

Immature managers tend to be insecure and attempt to hide their insecurity through power, position and corporate speak. aka BS.  They are motivated by self interest and will sacrifice anyone for selfish gain.

Immaturity implies lacking wisdom, insight and emotional stability. No business can expect to grow when it lacks wisdom, insight and emotional stability.

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