Living In An Era of Transformation

by Jay Deragon on 06/03/2013

UnlearnIf you haven’t noticed everything seems to be in a continuous state of transformation. From business, politics, economics, social issues and what we define as meaningful, everyone seems to be rethinking everything.

This constant state of transformation has become the norm rather than the exception and we not only come to expect it but to enable and create it ourselves. Empowered by technology we can beg, borrow and steal ideas from others and apply similar thinking to our own causes, businesses or personal situations.  Access to the abundance of Human Capital is no longer limited to corporations, demographics, education or economic status. The connectivity to the human network has accelerated the sharing of knowledge like never before. This acceleration is powering the learning curve and the human network is learning to unlearn in order to discover to what we need to learn for the 21st century.

What We Need To Unlearn

The Industrial Era needed human labor to work with machines for the purposes of mass producing things in order to meet the increased demand for mass consumption. Schools produced students with knowledge and skills needed to fill the jobs produced during the growth of the Industrial Era.   Supply simply followed demand.  Now this is no longer true, the demands have changed, the human supply is demanding a change and technology is creating more change.

Seth Godin writes in “The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?”:  The economy has rescinded the simple offer of “Do what you’re told, play it safe, and you can make a living.” Making a living is now harder than ever. The alternatives are up to you.  We’ve been trained to prefer being right to learning something, to prefer passing the test to making a difference, and most of all, to prefer fitting in with the right people, the people with economic power. Now it’s your turn to stand up and stand out.

We are living in an Era of Transformation where old rules are being challenged and new rules are being made. Once something is transformed, it never goes back to being the way it was before because transformation harnesses the power of human creativity. Human creativity has been awakened by the possibility of what it can do together with others without the constraint of old rules governed by old mental models of the past.

We know not what will be on the other side of the Era of Transformation but we have faith in the belief that it will be much better than the era that preceded it because we have the Human Capital to make it so..


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Copi Valdiviez June 5, 2013 at 5:44 am

The global economy has only experienced three major transformations in the past 1,000 years, and arguably, we are living through the fourth.

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