Then We Realized What Was Really Real

by Jay Deragon on 07/15/2013

Todays reality

People have a built in sensor that helps them filter out real people and things from the fakes. However over decades of sophistication the media turned out propaganda to convince the masses that what was indeed fake had become real.

Within that new reality marketers learned how to convince us what we needed to become part of the new reality.  We the people bought into the new reality and corporations turned out goods and services that fed the appetites fueled by the new reality.  And the engines of commerce turned the human network into a consumption machine.

Then the very people that bought into the new reality went to work for the corporations that turned out the goods and services that fed the appetites fueled by the new reality.  The corporations had inhuman rules and policies and their realities were even made up to accommodate bottom line results. People had to comply with these practices because they needed the money to satisfy the appetites created by the new reality.

Then We Realized What Was Really Real

Stressed, in debt, unhealthy and unhappy our realities began to crumble along with the entire economy. Many woke up to the fact that the new reality was actually a fake reality and all those tangible things we bought with money were destroying the intangible things that money couldn’t buy.  And all the sacrifices we were making to earn that money were in fact destroying the things that mattered most.

Then the internet connected us and we learned that others were going through similar discoveries.  We were not alone and what we realized was real, it was enabling, revealing, rewarding and invigorating. We began rediscovering the intangible value of our self-worth, our purpose, and how to create value that others identified with. We expanded our network of like-minded people and embraced technology as our means of producing ideas that mattered and intangible things that were valuable. Suddenly we believed in the human reality rather than the old fake commercial reality and we found ways to create an income by doing things we loved to do for people that loved what we do.  Many stayed engaged in the commercial reality while cheering on the rise of the human reality. All along hoping they could soon leave the commercial reality behind.

This became a movement that began to influence business as usual. Some businesses began to pay attention and change. Those became known as social businesses. Others ignored the human reality and kept trying to push the commercial reality of the old days.

Soon everything and everyone was connected together.  Then whatever was considered fake became transparent to the entire human network globally.  And whatever was fake no longer created tangible results.

Tangible results then came from tapping into the abundant intangible value of the human reality.


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