The Frameworks And Signals Have Changed….

by Jay Deragon on 09/17/2013

frameworksWhen frameworks and signals of the marketplace change every organization must change or lose their relationship with the market.

We have entered an Age of Disruption. Yesterday’s realities no longer fit into emerging new realities that define frameworks for a new future. Frameworks are a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that forms a way of viewing reality.  Many of today’s frameworks are defined and redefined by new realities created from disruptive technologies.

Technology is disrupting old frameworks that built the industrial era business models which supported the ego-systems.  The realities of the 21st century are being shaped and reshaped by an eco-system that simply does not conform to the same set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constituted the frameworks of the industrial era. The difference between an ego-system and an eco-system is the difference between caring for oneself to caring for the well-being of all, including oneself.  The shift in awareness from ego-system to eco-system thinking is the cause of all disruption enabled by technology. Technology has enabled massive awareness fueled by signals and later a significant shift in “frameworks“.

Today’s “frameworks” are a set of highly interdependent eco-systems, but most suppliers within them are fragmented into a set of ego-systems. Instead of encompassing the whole eco-system, the awareness of the players in the ego-system is driven sub-optimized thinking of the industrial era.

The gap between eco-system and ego-system performance creates signals that reveal the most important leadership challenges today.  The challenge is one of survival for those not listening to the signals. The challenge for those listening is to change their organizations frameworks to keep up with new signals.

The Market Is Sending New Signals

Signals are any verbal and nonverbal actions or gestures that encode a message.  Sometimes the messages are easy to understand while other times you have to get behind the message to understand the signals.

Today the market is sending clear signals that signify emerging new frameworks. The current signals are:

  1. Your jobs give us limited value. We are creating our own work that provides real value
  2. Knowledge gained getting an MBA doesn’t mean you understand the wisdom of the marketplace.
  3. Engagement without inspiration is like being on a date with no interest. It is a waste of time.
  4. Your messages say how and what you think. If your thinking is out of alignment with ours be careful, you’ll hear from us.
  5. Please communicate in our language. We simply don’t understand yours.
  6. What motivates us is not what motivates you.
  7. The only social strategy you should be concerned about is your organizations’ culture.
  8. We don’t want to be friends with your corporation or “like it” but there are a few people trapped in there we do “like”
  9. Please don’t track or follow me or my digital footprints like an animal chasing dinner, back off.
  10. It is the quest for power and money that motivates your ego-system. It is the quest for shared value that motivates our eco-system.

An eco-system optimizes intangible value that produces tangible results. An ego-system focuses on tangible results at the cost of intangible value.

The old frameworks and signals reinforced the ego-system that dominated for over 100 years. Now it is time to create lasting value by embracing the framework of an eco-system built for the 21st century.  The “signals” are screaming for the transformation.

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