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Matthew J Alston October 10, 2013 at 9:52 am


There is one observation I am compelled to make after your post. I wonder if anyone else finds this subtle but unavoidable truth buried in the analysis.

Academia dissects everything into a broad array of tiny specific insights however that theory loses the holistic truth that it is all connected.

Business again is primarily concerned with their own gain or the gain of the shareholders and that view is treating the BUYER as a resource to be consumed for the benefit of a small group.

The government is as has been demonstrated far to many times a group of people protecting their self interest or the self interest of those that paid for their campaign but they hide it in language about what is best for the country. A quick look at the state of the country and the world shows that in many cases both government and business have failed to protect anyone but themselves.

The consumer is being manipulated, lied to, tricked, trapped, and consumed to feed the insatiable appetite for power of the ones running marketing. media. and government agendas. The consumer or the buyer is the only voice that truly matters and if they say “enough is enough” everyone else will be powerless to stop the changes that will ensue.

The internet has broken the deadlock of media on the free flow of information and as people get the truth and the spin of the media no longer is in charge many people can and will decide for themselves what they are going to do in regards to debt, purchasing, and what companies they choose to buy from. NO marketing campaign, corporate greed, or government agency can make you buy if you decide you do not want to.

The truth is simply this, “The buyer decides what to buy, when to buy and who to buy from.” This is a relationship based model where the buyer and seller must be in a win-win exchange. If you force a buyer in some way they are free to not only never come back but to expose your tactics to everyone they meet.

Matt Alston

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