Still Believing In These Assumptions?

by Jay Deragon on 11/26/2013

mistakesAn assumption is something that you assume to be the true, either from experience or education. Sometimes experience or education is out of context with today’s market realities.

In times of rapid disruption many assumptions do not fit with current market realities.  Yet instead of understanding the new realities many organizational leaders continues to make decisions using the old assumptions from outdated realities. Sound familiar?

Consider some of today’s current business assumptions that are out of context with the reality of stakeholders:

  1. Using social media gives us a competitive marketing advantage
  2. Our marketing agency should manage our social media presence
  3. We need a policy that tells our employees what they can and can’t say and do on-line
  4. You can improve revenue by setting arbitrary sales goals to meet someone else’s result
  5. Ranking people is smart way to improve human performance
  6. Price matters most to buyers
  7. Competition helps keep prices low
  8. Incentives improve sales and productivity
  9. Intangibles are invisible, unmeasurable and not that important
  10. People need to be managed
  11. Bigger is better
  12. Power and control is best left to a few
  13. We only hire loyal long-term employees
  14. We pay based on performance
  15. Automating customer service lowers cost

The list could go on and on so feel free to add your own observations as a comment for the education and enjoyment of others. The irony is that most people are more than familiar with old assumptions that influence many choices within today’s business environment.  The problem is that the ones who make decisions that influence the many seem oblivious to the fact that their assumptions are out of context with today’s marketplace.

Being out of context implies being out of touch. In a connected world where everything is transparent being out of touch is a dangerous place to find yourself and your company when everyone else is looking for those in touch with their reality. If you are not in touch with the markets reality sooner or later you’ll find yourself alone in your own reality.

You won’t get much done alone no matter what you believe.

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