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Making The Switch

making_the_switchOver the holiday my wife and I watched the movie “The Switch” starring Jennifer Aniston, as Kassie, and Jason Bateman, as Wally.  Both are single professionals with successful careers in New York City. Wally is Kassie’s neurotic best friend whom is also in love with her but doesn’t dare to tell her his true feelings.

Kassie, recognizing her biological clock is ticking, decides to have a baby on her own with the services of handsome and charming sperm donor named Roland. Kassie organizes an “insemination party,” where Roland produces the sperm in the bathroom, and leaves behind the cup. Wally uses the bathroom and sees the sample. Drunk, and not liking the idea of Kassie being inseminated with this sperm, he plays with the cup, and accidentally spills it into the sink. Panicking, he replaces the sperm with his own. The insemination is successful but Kassie has to leave New York as she thinks that Minnesota would be a better place to raise a child; still believing that she is pregnant with Roland’s child.

Seven years later, Kassie returns to New York along with precocious-but-neurotic son Sebastian . Wally forms a bond with this loveable mini-version of himself and Sebastian has started to become close with Wally, but the bad news is that Roland is in the picture too: Kassie has started dating him because she thinks he is Sebastian’s father. In the end, Wally reveals to Kassie that Sebastian is his son, along with his true feelings for her. Dare to guess the rest of the story? Watch the movie, you’ll enjoy it.

Don’t Be Sacred of Feelings

The movie was entertaining and charming while there was a lesson for all of us to learn. Wally was scared to death of his feelings and for over ten years he was afraid to share how he really felt for fear of rejection. Sound familiar?

Feelings are strong emotions conveyed by a person, place or thing which create a state of consciousness. Feelings are part of human expression that balance the intellect and enable the comprehension of the intangibles.  It is the intangibles that stimulate our emotions and enable our feelings to sense the power of human expression.  Tangible things simply reveal what the intangibles have already expressed.

In business the most effective sales and marketing techniques stir human emotions by conveying messages of value that appeals to both our intellects and our feelings. Marketing leans towards communicating the intangibles while selling is about converting the intangibles into tangible results.

So the human emotions are a powerful force for creating value in business. Yet businesses in general seem to shy away from embracing the value of true feelings. When employees are asked how do they feel about this internal practice or decision most will not reveal their true feelings out of fear. Businesses seem to be obsessed with “being a social business and listening to the marketplace” yet over 80% fail to understand the feelings behind the voices of the marketplace.

The marketplace is no longer fearful of speaking up and the voices are getting stronger everyday. People are making the switch from stuffing their feelings to expressing their feelings. Enrichment goes to those who will listen and understand the power of the intangibles.  The loss of tangible results will follow those that don’t understand.

Make the switch, embrace and understand the power of how people feel.

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