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The Best Gift You’ll Ever Get or Give

the-best-gift-of-allFinding the right gift for someone can be hard. I know that I am not good at picking out the right gift for my wife so every year I ask her for a list but that seems to take away from the spirit of giving.

So I wander around in the shopping bliss thinking about what to give and also trying to answer the question of “what do I want?”.

Brands try to lead us to the answers to these questions.

Brands make most of their money during the holiday season because it is when we spend the most money on gifts. Marketers surround us with messages and images of the latest styles in clothes, the hottest technology, the coolest toys, the most popular gadgets and the most popular things by demographic, sociographic and every other type of “graphic” they can imagine.  The messages and images lead us to buy the tangible things that we think our family and friends would like the most.

The reality is such things are short-lived pleasures and it is the intangible gifts that are the best gifts to get and to give.  Here are some intangible gifts that are the best to get and give because such things matter the most.

  1. Forgiveness: None of us has made it through a year without intentionally or unintentionally don’t or said something that needs to be forgiven or asked for forgiveness. Afterall it was the gift of forgiveness that started Christmas.
  2. Time: Giving time to your family and friends is one of the best gifts you can give. If you don’t think so simply think about the one thing you wish you had more of from someone you love. Time is also one of the best gifts to get because once it is gone you’ll never get it back.
  3. Encouragement: At times life can be heavy and what makes it lighter is encouragement. People get lifted up when encouraged by others. Encouragement can be given through the gifts of kind words or small deeds. Words that express how someone elses life has blessed another, their talents are appreciated and your life has been rewarded because of them.

So besides giving and getting all those tangible gifts try giving the intangible gifts and you may find that others will give you the same in return.  You will find more value and memories from getting and giving the intangibles than any tangible gift you’ve ever gotten.

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