Don’t Forget The Important Stuff

by Jay Deragon on 01/14/2014

TheImportantStuffThroughout my entire adult life I never stopped learning and working. As an entrepreneur my work was what I created and being a creator takes lots of non-stop work.  But working for yourself can teach you a lot because if you don’t learn how to successfully build a business there is only you to pay the price of failing to know how.

Failing to know how can also be a good teacher because most of us don’t like to fail twice. On the other hand success can be a poor teacher because it can be misleading in that it may lead you to believe you are something you are not and that success is more important than other things.  Success can also be an addictive drug luring you into wanting even more success, more money which means most people will end up working harder and longer hours to achieve some self-imposed success goal.  Even when you reach those goals you’ll usually find there is still something important missing in your life.

What is Important That Gets Missed

Whether an entrepreneur or climbing the corporate ladder life can quickly get out of balance and before you know it 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 or more years can fly by and you wake up in poor health and asking yourself where did the time go.

Money, fame and accomplishments won’t keep you in good health. They won’t keep you focused on important things like close relationships, your children, spouse, parents and your God.  Real wealth comes from putting the important things first because such things are the enablers of all things real and important.

Finding balance in life can be difficult with all the demands for your time, attention and energy. No matter how old you are or how busy your life is you can find what you’ve missed that is important to you and more importantly to others in your life.

Making excuses is not important.

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