It is All About the Mojo

by Jay Deragon on 01/20/2014

mojo-jpgSo far this month I’ve talked to entrepreneurs of start-ups as well as existing businesses and CEO’s of large corporations. Each seemed excited about 2014 but all expressed an irritation with not having that magical sense of confidence in knowing exactly what they needed to do this year.

Granted the year is only 20 days old but these people are looking for that inner sense that gives them clarity of vision about what they needed to do to reach their goals in 2014.

In digging deeper into what each of these people and their organizations were missing I discovered they all had lost their mojo. Mojo is a power we all experience that may seem magical and that allows us to be very effective, successful, confident in knowing what we need to do to reach a goal etc.  Without our personal and collective mojo we can be excited about the future but irritated by the lack of evidence of “mojo”.

A company or person lacking in “mojo” can become paralyzed, disengaged, ignoring the obvious, listening to the wrong noise, unable to ignite positive action and belief in a common cause.  Without the “mojo” you and your organization start to fail quickly and wonder why.

When You Have Mojo…..

You can sense when a company or an individual has “mojo”. There is positive electricity in the air. People are actively involved and engaged in efficient and effective activities that create positive outcomes even among obstacles and unexpected turns in the road.

Mojo is evident when customers and employees naturally share positive stories about their experiences with your organization.  They don’t “follow or friend” you on Facebook to express their appreciation for your “mojo” they simply keep coming back for more and bring others “like” them to experience it.

When you or your organization have “mojo” you don’t chase a result you simply create it by what you do and how you do it with confidence in knowing the results will come because you’re doing the right things and doing them the right way. Knowing and doing the right things comes from learning what they are and not from guessing.

Mojo is an personal and collective attribute exhibited by trust in others, belief in a purpose and expression as well as appreciation of individual and collective gifts and talents. It is magical when you experience it.  It is that intangible value that creates unimaginable tangible results from knowing.

You Know You Lost Your Mojo When….

You can tell when people and an entire organization has lost their mojo.  The symptoms are clearly evident. Whether individually or collectively you can see, feel and hear the lack of mojo. Hear are some obvious signs of a lack of mojo:

  • Members began to disengage; some feel like they are rowing upstream. The work losing all meaning and purpose.
  • Management chases surveys, studies, quick fixes to get to the root of the problem
  • Leadership begins to see the bottom line deterioration and starts replacing managers but the mojo still can’t be found.
  • The Board begins to lose faith in the leader and hires a new leader who apparently has some mojo.
  • The new leaders comes in and changes everything including the customers experience, the entire product line, the culture of the organization and its messages to the marketplace.
  • The customers mass exit and after another year of deteriorating results the Board fires the new leader and pays them a huge severance package.
  • The organization is in a death spiral

The reason. They had lost their mojo because the leader was not paying attention to what matters and what is meaningful.

In 2014 and beyond it is all about finding and nurturing that “mojo”.

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