When Ecosystems Connect You Are Toast

by Jay Deragon on 01/21/2014

Ecosystem3-403x450In the old days, bigger was always better.  Every entrepreneur’s dream was to grow their business to acquire greater assets and capabilities.  These, in turn, could then be leveraged for more growth and power to beat the competition. Success would attract attention and money which would breed more success.  The Kings of industry understood the game and played to win at all cost.  The bigger you got the more power you had over the market, the competition and even the customer.

Then something strange happened. Everything got connected, moved faster, disruption happens at the click of the mouse and before you wake up. No one, regardless of size, can assume power and control simple because of size. Small has become bigger, faster, fluid, transparent and more powerful because small represents a large network of connected ecosystems bigger than any one enterprise.

Anyone can come up with an idea, access the capabilities they need—from logistics to finance, manufacturing to services, technology to talent—and be competing with your enterprise by the time you go to sleep or wake up.

It is a lot like the mystery of a complex organism like the human body or the entire solar system.  All individual pieces yet connected and working together with a passion and purpose that ebbs and flows with its environment.

Have You Noticed, The Environment Has Changed

The business environment of the past was about winning  by creating efficiency by organizing and reorganizing labor and material.  Todays environment is about creating value by igniting passion and purpose in everything we do.  We’ve shifted from chasing the tangible things to realizing the value of the intangible things.

Technology is now transforming human experience. People everywhere are discovering the essence of human potential set free from man-made constraints created from rules from rulers with selfish aims is unlimited and unimaginable.  We all now have the same capabilities as the world’s largest corporations at our beck and call at least to those that recognize it even amidst those who don’t want us to see it.

But more and more people are recognizing the power of ecosystems connected by technology that enable the small to be bigger than the biggest.  This is no longer about Facebook, Apple, Google or any of the BIG named successes of today or the gadget-crazed millennials and slick conference presentations of “thought leaders”. It is beginning to happen everywhere locally, regionally and globally.  It is the success of the little people connecting to other little people through ecosystems of resources that are gaining more and more power and influence over the big.

It is how the revolutions of the past gained their power, not from leaders of the status quo or one person, but when ordinary people begin to imagine their potential, their purpose and they connect with others who imagine the same thing and collectively create a bigger and better world for everybody.

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