Will You Get Better in 2014?

by Jay Deragon on 01/06/2014

life gets betterThe dawning of a new year triggers the human spirit to strive for betterment.  Many attempt to make new years resolutions about changing habits, improving relations, finances, business opportunities or diet and exercise routines. These resolutions are usually resisted by reminders of past failures, old habits, excuses and the ever presence of that defeating inner voice that keeps saying things like ” give it up, you can’t, you don’t have time, try this later, no one cares etc.

It is estimated that 45% of Americans will make a New Years Resolution while most will only have an 8% chance of being successful. We tend to repeat the same behavior year after year until we simply give up striving for betterment then we become complacent.

In a world that requires betterment complacency is considered the trait of a weak mind and spirit.  Weak minds and spirits are not in big demand in a world seeking betterment both personally and professionally.

Demonstrating Betterment

Betterment describes a change for the better; progress in development; an improvement that adds to the value of worth. Everyone can find ways to better themselves.  Whether it be intellectual, physical, spiritual or emotional all of these elements of human development are a continuous journey of discovery and improvement.  To not advance in anyone or all of them is to do injustice to the gift of human potential granted to each of us regardless of self-imposed limitations or defects from birth or incidents.

What makes one person different from another? The ability to exercise betterment. What makes one business better than another? The ability to tap into the betterment capabilities of human possibilities which creates innovation that markets not only seek but increasingly demand is what makes one business better than another in all markets today and in the future.

Betterment is an Exercise

Life is an exercise of learning about personal and collective human potential. Human potential cannot be realized until we exercise our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical muscles and stretch them beyond previous capacities to discover new potential.

Betterment requires self-sacrifice. Exercise can be painful but the short-term pain caused from stretching your current capacities provides longer term strength to discover the greater potential that lies within ourselves and others.  Self-sacrifice for the sake of betterment enables our human potential to create more value for others (family, friends, community employers etc.) which means we are creating value for ourselves in terms of tangible and intangible returns (health benefits, relational improvements, financially, spiritual & emotional growth etc.).

The motivation to act on betterment exercises and stay with them in 2014 can come from one or more of the following:

  1. Change your thinking and start believing you can today and everyday there after
  2. Don’t stop believing and let it carry you through the pain to the next level
  3. You wait for a disaster to hit you (health problems, sudden death of a loved one, divorce, lose of a job, bankruptcy, terminal illness etc.) then you either run towards betterment or slip into depression. Either one is a choice.

The excuses to not act are many but all are merely excuses the many make and they never get better.  Not getting better doesn’t make you a bad person it just keeps you away from the potential person you could be.

Will you stay the same or get better in 2014?  If you decide to get better why not share your story as a way for others to learn and for you to get even better.

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Dick Davies January 6, 2014 at 2:01 pm

Words to live by. Nice presentation, Jay.

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