Work Has Left The Building

by Jay Deragon on 01/15/2014

time clocksIn the past work was performed in buildings. People were paid to come to work and do functions in a building.  The “building” was where people interacted with machines to perform organized task that produced something to sell. It didn’t matter whether that “something” was a product or service it created in the “building” and consumed by those outside the building.

Organizations acquired or leased buildings in which work could be performed and took pride in having nice buildings that became symbols of success.  Look at any major  city and the skyline is painted with “buildings”.  These buildings became containers of people who work for organizations.  The container became an extension of managements control over information, people and their work. The people were told to be in the building everyday beginning and ending at certain times so they could be supervised to do work in the building.

Buildings became factories where people and information was contained and work got done. Work was where you went to produce something for the organization to sell to the marketplace. Workers became suppliers to the organization which then sold what the workers produced to buyers.  Lots of money was spent on “buildings” to house workers and information.

Then something profound happened. The internet enabled information to get out of the building and after the people realized they could still work without being tied to the building.

Then Minds Began To Work

Work is not longer a function of where you go to do something rather it is more about having information to think about how to create something valuable.  In the Social Era minds work best when they are free to create value that others want to consume.  Value creation happens best when people’s minds are free from old mental models of the past used to control what people did and what they thought.

Give people the freedom to think without the constraints of time and place and they will create more value than you expect.

The most valuable and creative work is done within the minds of people who are free to think about work that has a purpose.  The purpose of work is to optimize personal and collective talents to create value for markets that will consume the value created from “work”.

Work is a by-product of intangible capital that creates tangible results beyond expectations.  The intangible capital is in the minds of the worker whether they are in your building or not.  Buildings don’t matter, minds do.

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