The Clueless Train

by Jay Deragon on 02/18/2014

confused-face1The Cluetrain has left the station. There is another train just sitting at the station going nowhere. That is the Clueless train and the conductor thinks it isn’t time for his train to leave the station.  He doesn’t know that the time to leave the station has come and gone and he is clueless about why other trains have left the station.  So the clueless train sits waiting for a signal that it is time to leave the station.

The conductor of the Clueless train waits and waits for his signal  even as the passengers have told him it is time to leave. What the conductor didn’t recognize is that the signals have changed but he was listening and looking  for the old signal as the sign to leave the station.

How many business leaders are waiting for that old signal before leaving their station?  The old signals were things like lost sales, lower profits, declining market share and disgruntled shareholders.  Today’s signals come upstream way before the results show up on the operating statements. They are things like a dysfunctional culture, unhappiness, poor communications, slow response rates to inquiries, reduced traffic online and off, negative market sentiments and ultimately the convergence of distributed media telling these stories.  The conductors of Clueless trains do not measure or watch such things because they are obsessed with looking and listening to the old signals.

Trains Are Quickly Leaving The Station

Technology is ripping through businesses and entire industries. The results are disruptive changes within all industries. Pick your industry and look at the root causes of change over the last five to ten years. The answer, technology.

Everything everywhere is being disrupted by technology.

Technology is creating easier ways to do everything.  Everything becomes more transparent and cheaper.  Those that leverage it to  disrupt other businesses and entire industries are winning markets faster than the clueless can understand why.

To become the disruptor vs. being disrupted you have to learn to think differently about how to create value for the market. Value is no longer created solely on price or product quality rather it heavily influenced by the quality of service and the relational attributes created by touch points.

All stakeholders, not just customers, are sending signals. Cluetrain’s are those organizations that see and hear the signal and leave the station so all the stakeholders can get where they want to go on time.  Clueless trains can’t hear the signals until it’s too late.

Some organizations are clueless while others have left the station on The Cluetrain.

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