Beginning Over to Advance Forward

by Jay Deragon on 03/31/2014

all possible knowledgeIf what you know isn’t working then maybe it is time to learn something new.

In a world of constant change there is always something new to learn. But some people consider themselves an “expert” in knowing when in fact they are beginners stuck in what they think they know.

Ideas, opinions, and expertise get in the way of knowing what we don’t know. “Knowing” does not allow us anything new, no surprises, no insights, no discoveries. When seeking improvements, innovation or even simple problem solving it is vital to look at what we don’t know or see to find what we need to know and see that will lead us to finding solutions that matter.  It is what we didn’t know that is fueling revolutionary changes across the global and right next door.

How to Advance Forward by Beginning Over

We all have valuable experiences and lessons learned to share with others. The attraction of social technology to the human network isn’t about using the technology to puff up our reputation with what we know rather it is to learn about the things we don’t know. With the explosive growth of data, information and knowledge there is no shame in admitting you don’t know. The real shame lies in making your existing “knowledge” so much a part of our identity that we are afraid to ask or admit a lack of knowledge.  We’ve fallen into a pattern of arrogance about what we know so we puff up our identity with what we think we know.

Our knowledge and experiences helps us process a complex world, however, our knowledge and experience can trap us from seeing innovation and the possibilities of learning what we don’t know.  We were all born with the desire to learn. We grew everyday by what we learned.  After all the formal learning we ventured out to earn a living based on what we could do with what we knew. Then most of us settled in earning what we could with what we knew.  A few never stopped learning and in doing so discovered what they didn’t know and applied it to creating value that others didn’t know they needed or wanted until the masses discovered it.

Learning what you don’t know is a journey of discovery that never ends. Think like a child discovering all things new and use what you know to learn what you don’t know. Then and only then will you advance forward by beginning over with what you’ve discovered.

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